This document describes additional configuration steps that need to be performed in addition to the installation (see Installation Guide) to use certain features.

Personal News


365BOX offers the ability to display customizable news using metadata (terminology). To make this functionality available, a connection between the news and a desired term set must be established.

Configuration Steps

  • Site settings (gear icon)
  • Site contents
  • Site Pages library

Add a new column of type "Managed Metadata".

  1. Add column

365BOX Configuration Add Column

  1. Column name

365BOX Configuration Column Name

Note: The name "Tags" is mandatory and cannot be freely chosen.

Determine a term set that will be available to editors for tagging:

  1. Open selection dialog

365BOX Configuration Open selection dialog

  1. Select term set

365BOX Configuration Select Term Set

Set the following additional options and save the column settings.

  1. Choose options

365BOX Configuration Choose options

External Users

To make the solution available to external users, read access to the "Client Side Assets" library of the App Catalog must be set up beforehand. A user with SharePoint Administrator rights is required to make the following settings.

Allow External Sharing for the App Catalog

In the SharePoint Admin Center, the App Catalog must be configured for external sharing as follows:

365BOX Configure External Sharing

Access to Client Side Assets

Then, read permission for the "Client Side Assets" library can be granted to external users.

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint App Catalog
  2. Open the "Client Side Assets" library [/ClientSideAssets/AllItems.aspx]
  3. Library settings -> Permissions -> Grant read permission