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365BOX Message Bar Webpart

The MessageBar web part allows you to display static and time-scheduled messages inside your custom SharePoint intranet. It can be configured in either full bleed zones or grid zones.


  • Display Styles: Choose between different styles (info, warning, success, and error) or create a custom color theme using the web part configuration panel.
  • Content Options: Add a title (first line), description (second line), and an optional link with a caption.
  • Time Scheduling: Use the time schedule switch to plan messages in advance.
  • Multiple Messages: Stack multiple MessageBar web parts on a page for multiple messages.


Adding the Web Part to a Page

  1. Navigate to the page where you want to add the MessageBar web part
  2. Click on "Edit" mode
  3. Configure your zone
  4. Click on the "+" Symbol to open the webpart dialog
  5. Select "MessageBar" from the dialog
  6. Configure the web part settings as needed
  7. Save and publish the page

Configure the Web Part

  1. Select Style: Choose between predefined styles (info, warning, success, error) or create a custom theme on the second page of the configuration panel
  2. Add Title and Description: Enter the title and description for the message
  3. Optional Link: Add a link with an optional caption
  4. Time Scheduling: Enable the time schedule switch to plan messages for future display
  5. Stacking Messages: Add multiple MessageBar web parts to stack messages on the same page

General Configuration

365BOX Message Bar General Configuration

Time Scheduling (From - To)

365BOX Message Bar Webpart Scheduling

Custom Color Configuration (Configuration Panel Page 2)

365BOX Message Bar Webpart Color Configuration

Practical Use Cases

  • Use Case 1: Display important announcements at the top of the page using the info style to draw attention to critical updates.
  • Use Case 2: Schedule maintenance notifications in advance using the time scheduling feature to inform users of upcoming system downtime.


Question 1

Q: What does the MessageBar web part do?

A: The MessageBar web part displays static and time-scheduled messages within SharePoint. It can be configured in full bleed or grid zones and supports different styles and custom themes.

Question 2

Q: How do I customize the MessageBar web part?

A: You can customize the MessageBar web part by selecting different display styles, adding a title and description, including an optional link, and enabling the time schedule switch for advanced message planning.