The Tooltip web part is a simple tool to display tooltips inside a SharePoint online intranet page. It displays a small info icon, and on hover, a configured text tooltip will appear. The position of the icon can be set to either the left or right.

365BOX Tooltip Webpart


  • Tooltip Display: Shows a tooltip text when hovering over the info icon.
  • Icon Positioning: Configure the icon position to either left or right.


Adding the Web Part to a Page

  1. Navigate to the page where you want to add the Tooltip web part.
  2. Click on "Edit" mode.
  3. Click on the "+" Symbol to open the webpart dialog
  4. Select "Tooltip" from the list.
  5. Configure the web part settings as needed.
  6. Save and publish the page.

Configure the Web Part

  1. Tooltip Text: Enter the text that will be displayed when hovering over the info icon.
  2. Icon Position: Choose the position of the info icon (left or right).
365BOX Tooltip Webpart Configuration

Practical Use Cases

  • Use Case 1: Use the Tooltip web part to provide additional information or context for certain elements on a page without cluttering the layout.
  • Use Case 2: Implement tooltips to offer quick help or guidelines for users interacting with specific sections of a SharePoint page.


Question 1

Q: What does the Tooltip web part do?

A: The Tooltip web part displays a small info icon on a SharePoint page, and when users hover over the icon, a configured text tooltip appears. The icon can be positioned on the left or right.

Question 2

Q: How do I customize the Tooltip web part?

A: You can customize the Tooltip web part by entering the desired tooltip text, selecting the icon position (left or right), and adjusting colors and themes on the second configuration page.