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365BOX Starter provides lightweight webparts to increase your SharePoint potential.

  • 5-minute no-code installation
  • Well documented
  • Free forever
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Enhance your SharePoint instantly with 365BOX Starter

365BOX Starter is a SharePoint solution that allows you to display external users and create beautiful stats to display your data.
External UsersStats

External Users

  • Display people that are not part of your organization
  • Display profile picture, name, email and more
  • No Guest Invitations needed
  • Free forever


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 365BOX Starter is a lightweight toolkit designed to enhance SharePoint Online with free webparts.

  • Just click on the "Get 365BOX Starter" button on the top of the page enter your email and you will receive a download link.

  • Installation of 365BOX Starter is straightforward and quick, taking about 5 minutes. It requires no coding or scripting. Simply upload a file to your SharePoint environment to get started.

  • No, 365BOX Starter is free to use and requires no payment. It is designed to provide a lightweight solution for enhancing your SharePoint experience without any additional costs.

  • 365BOX is a comprehensive toolkit designed to enhance SharePoint Online with a wide range of features and customization options. 365BOX Starter, on the other hand, is a free starting solution in addition to 365BOX that provides a selection of lightweight webparts to help you get started with enhancing your SharePoint experience.

  • Yes, 365BOX Starter can be used as a standalone solution without the need for 365BOX. It provides a selection of free webparts to help you enhance your SharePoint experience without any additional costs or requirements.

  • Yes, 365BOX Starter is fully optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience across mobile devices, Teams or the SharePoint App.

365BOX Starter

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